We don't want to tell you about us. We want to tell you why us. Why wear Michael Matthews over another brand? We don't aim to make you believe that our clothes are better than Louis Vuitton or that our quality supersedes Dior. We respect those brands but were something new and different. We aim to make you use your five senses when you wear Michael Matthews. What do we mean by that? 

The most memorable time in my life was when I ordered my first sample piece that I created and I had it wrapped in custom elegant Michael Matthews packaging. Although it wasn't perceived by others to be anything of tangible success, it was to me. For the first time I could feel how good the clothes felt to wear, I could smell the newly made clean clothes, I could taste the success, I could hear the applause and most importantly I could see the future. 

It was the first step, the first initiative, the first move towards creating something bigger than myself. Michael Matthews in that moment, although small, became something that transcended money or vision. It became a reality. One thing about me is I might not always know the answer but what I do know is the definitive path to finding it.

Nobody told me to do this if anything it was quite the opposite. This feeling was so precious and impactful that I made the decision to replicate this feeling in each Michael Matthews order.

My Father always told me that the 2 most important things to be successful in life were discipline and consistency. Without discipline you'll never start but without consistency you'll never finish. 

Wearing Michael Matthews doesn't mean you're rich or flashy. It means you're driven, ambitious, elegant and ready. Determined to bring your goals and abilities to fruition. We want you to receive your clothes, open your box and feel like it's the very first step towards achieving your own personal success. We create to inspire. 

Wearing Michael Matthews is wearing your success.